Impactful Trainings

Highly experiential and interactive training services and programs can be tailored to fit the needs of your group. From a one-time training to a full training program, contact me to let me know your needs. Past trainings for clients include:

• Leadership styles and teamwork

• Effective Communication

• Teambuilding and conflict resolution

• Time management and productivity

• Action-centered meetings

• New leader trainings and orientations

• Political Leadership skills, including fundraising, field campaigns, public speaking for candidates, messaging, campaign planning, and more.

Expert Facilitation

Let me help you facilitate a productive planning or strategy session for your team. We need all leaders at the table participating in the discussion; a facilitator helps to ensure that happens effectively. With my focus on understanding how we learn and connect, I’ll help you create an environment where your team members will be engaged in the discussion and leave feeling energized and recommitted to the work.

Building Strong Teams

More than ever before, our success in our organizations depend on the strength of not only the individuals, but how those individuals work together effectively. With multiple strategies to help build strong teams, we can work together to ensure your team has the foundation it needs to be successful. This foundation should always include trust, good communication, accountability, and strong bonds. We can work together to make this happen.

More Effective Organizations

Organizational health covers such a broad spectrum of topics that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what may not be working internally. That’s where I can help! A more extensive analysis of your organization can be conducted so that we can see where the most critical challenges are and where to focus our time and energy together. Culture change takes time, but I’ve seen it happen! From reorganizing the core leadership team and intentional coaching of the executive team, to comprehensive strategic planning work, I can work to help you create an effective environment based on trust, respect, and commitment.

Coaching Leaders and Candidates

With a particular love of working with mission-driven leaders, I can coach your leaders or executive team to maximize impact. Within our coaching sessions, we would manage and address conflict and challenges, highlight inherent strengths, and leave each session with an action plan to help maximize coaching work in between sessions. In addition, I am available to do specific communications and public speaking coaching for candidates.

Strategic Planning

Have you ever created a strategic plan that was never looked at again? Or maybe a plan was created without a reality check on how to implement the lofty goals? I’ve seen it all! Let’s work together to figure out where you are, where you’re headed and create a realistic and timely plan to get there with the resources you have available to you.

How Judy Gets Things Done

A passionate, expressive, and ambitious leader, I run trainings, retreats, and meetings so that they have lasting impact. I am not afraid to help organizations address conflict head-on and move leaders outside their comfort zones to help them reach their goals and objectives. My superpower is in connecting with leaders and groups and creating safe, positive environments in which they can learn and grow quickly.

My ability to see multiple sides of an issue stems from my background growing up in an environment that really celebrated diversity. As a Jewish-Mexican-American woman, I bring a keen understanding of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency that helps me empathize with people at all levels.

A believer in getting to the root causes of challenges plaguing organizations and individuals, I refuse to engage in consulting or coaching work that doesn’t help move people or groups toward their goals. With an ability to see creative solutions to tough problems, I design trainings and retreats that transform individuals and organizations.